In the Zwolle region we are about to start the realisation of an Innovators Profile Database. We are aiming to register at least 75% of all innovative powers in the region  in this database.

The Innovators Profile Database creates an important precondition for the systematic realisation of an innovators ecosystem.

The database will give us the insight in the 'market' of (potential) leaders and professionals, that can be reached as co-operation partners, where growing organisations feel the need of creating teams (Management Teams and Natural Working Teams).

The initiative to develop the PDB is called 


Official Regional Initiative 
for the 
Registered Innovators Network
Accelerating Leadership-talent

The objective is to help Startups and Scale-Ups to become more successful in Value Creation, by accelerating the personal development and  by helping them become good leaders for their fast-growing organisation.

The ORIGINAL initiative is a regional initiative, which can be followed by other regions.
A real ecosystem starts, almost per definition, regionally.
This does not mean that it will stay that way, also because of the national and international growth of the participating enterprises.

The individual participants in the network can be called Originals, a term that fits well with their innovative character.
The ORIGINAL initiative stands for
Accelerating the Careers of Entrepreneurs (ACE).