the ORIGINAL foundation has the following objectives:

A. Using its influence to get at least 75% of all innovative powers to participate in the ORIGINAL program and register those innovators in the Innovators Profile Database:
    -   encourage companies and institutes to enlist their employees, pupils and
        coachees in the ORIGINAL network;
    -   encourage subsidy providers to provide subsidies to the ORIGINAL program
        such that innovators can afford to participate in the program;
B. To raise funds for the ORIGINAL programs activities;
C. To stimulate an emerging innovators network and ecosystem:
     for instance by organizing networkactivities and events, Centers of Excellence, congressen and stimulating
     knowledge exchange with national and international collleagues/


In organising the ORIGINAL activities the ORIGINAL office plays an important role.
The ORIGINAL office reports to the Foundation Board.

Supervisory Board
Consist of recognized representants from business life, the educational world, and authorities in the field of Leadership, Creativity and Innovation. 
The role of the Supervisory Board is to supervice the stragic direction of the Foundation and to be true ambassadors in Society.