leadership development toolbox

History of the LD-Toolbox

The Leadership Development Toolbox is the basic tool for the services of the Bluefinger Innovation Centre and for the ORIGINAL programme. The development of this unique system started in 2001 when the author, Henk Bremer, was responsible for the Leadership Development activities in Capgemini Benelux.

Bremer had then thirty years of experience in organisational change processes. Het had started his professional career in Sweden (1964-1973) where he, young of age, was an early pioneer in IT. Already at the age of 25 he fulfilled a manager's role in this very new professional domain. In 1973 he was recruited and invited back to the Netherlands by a large retail concern (Vendex, Vroom&Dreesmann) in order to give direction to their IT-activities. Later on, he became 'trouble-shooter' for the Board, fulfilling a series of directors roles (Dixons, Kijkshop, Vedelectic, Siebel Jewellers, division Hard Goods). In 1983 he left the organisation and started working for Capgemini. In this fast-growing organisation he also fulfilled a series of roles: the foundation of Capgemini's Public Sector and Capgemini Management Consulting, Centres of Excellence, Manager of Change in larger merger processes and some turnaround management roles. 
In the period 1997- 2001 he founded Capgemini Interim Management with the programme 'Positioning and Professionalizing Capgemini's Management Services. In 2000 his book Management Sourcing was published. 
And because also Interim Managers need education he established the successful CGIM Management School. After the merger between Capgemini and Ernst & Young Consulting he was asked to line-up Leadership Development for Capgemini Benelux. In this light he became the author of the LD-Toolbox. This instrument became a basic tool for the development of Capgemini leaders. He became the Global Leader of Capgemini's LD-processes all over the Globe.
Early 2008 Bremer reached the age of 65 and he retired from Capgemini. He bought out the LD-Toolbox for further development by his company LDpe. During the last 20 years a large number of additional modules were developed for this unique toolset.

Development & Extension of the LD-Toolbox

2001    Laying the foundation for the LD-Toolbox
2003   Creation of the Team Effectiveness Programme
            a.o. i.c.w. Maastricht University; pilots in China and Finland
2005    Concepts for Professional Roles i.c.w. the Nordic Engagement 
             Managers of Capgemini Nordic.
2007    Development of the Simulation Module in cooperation with
             professor Robert Roe  (Maastricht University)
2009    Fit-for-Role & Quick-Wins programme
2011    LDT360 feedback module, the most valuable module
2013   SBTA: Strategic Behavioural Traits Analyses
2015   Pilot TE III in Stockholm by a certified consultant
2017   Start Development Innovation modules and concepts
2019   Diverse modules: CEO brain, Motivation Flames, etc.
           Thinking Styles and Innovative Teams
2021   Acquisition building Melkmarkt Zwolle: Bluefinger Innov. Centre
2023   Design of the ORIGINAL initiative 

The different modules of the LD-Toolbox