The LD-Toolbox is an extensive instrument with a number of modules.
The application needs a lot of background knowledge. This is why we demand that the people who apply it by reviewing partipants, will follow an education and become certified reviewers.
The certification process consists of a theoretical part of about 20 study hours and an individualised practical exercise phase.
For those who (as certified reviewers) need to posses deep knowledge and the ones who wish to know more deeply avout the toolbox and its background, there is an extensive website with more than 100 content pages: by clicking on the LD-Toolbox logo you can call for this website.
We have also organised an on-line library with a large number of reference documents that can be dowloaded by the certified reviewers by logging in on the website.

Above you see a picture of the header of this website with (in the light blue field) a number of 'streams'. To the right you find an explanation of the content of the different streams.

Below you find the specification (per stream) of the subpages and sub-sub pages of

Above you see a list of the subpages of the stream
 LDpe: about us (the button at the upper left corner).

A library of reference documents for certified reviewers

Our intention is that the LDT-participant will learn to coach him/herself and that the reviewer only plays a tutors-role: helps the participant to become his own coach.
The reflections of the participants therefore have to be leading in the process and the reviewer has to support this reflection process. 
The reviewer therefore must fuel this process with the necessary knowledge where it fits in.
Becoming a certified reviewer means acquiring this knowhow, such that he/she must be able to produce this knowhow where it fits in. 
The library with this knowhow is available under the 'Login Certified Reviewers' header at the top right 
of the website.

This documentation contains two parts:

  1. The documentation, necessary for the individual LD-Toolbox review (see the scheme to the right)
  2. The documentation we refer to here below, which is useful for the processes in the Team Effectiveness Program

The above scheme shows a number of theme-domains, with a detailed list of documents you can read and/or download from the library.
These lists are specified in the next  blocks.

Domain 4 Individuals

Domain 9 Market Context

                                                                                                     Domain 2 Process Design en Process Facilitation

Domain 5 Leadership and Team Context

Domain 7 Strategy and Transformation

Domain 10 Technology Trends and Innovation

Domain 3 Team Process

Domain 6 Organisational Context

Domain 8 Cultural Context