Every innovative entrepreneurial individual in the Zwolle region is entitled to an appropriate personal development, paralell with the developed of his business.

Every innovative entrepreneurial person can become participant in the ORIGINAL program, and be registered in the Innovators profile Database.
Registration takes place via the ORIGINAL office.
After an initial interview and filling a ragistration form the candidate participant will be invited to fill a personality questionnaire. And after completion of this questionnaire the registration in the Innovators profile database taken place and the first review will be arranged with an LDT-certified reviewwe. The information about the participant in the Profile Database will accompany the participant during all further reviews. The participant will stay the owner of the information and decide abou the usage of this information.

The reports that will be produced bij the LDT about the participant will, every time a review takes place, be handed to him/her by a certified reviewer at the start of the review.
The information is meant to stimulate the participant's reflection about him/herself, and lead to an accelerated growth in personalty and leadership.
We will try to arrange the consecutive reviews such the de personality development takes place in parallel to the growth of his/her enterprise and to support the dynamic leadership that is needed for that stage of organisational development.
A successful innovation initiative can be seen as a 'roller-coaster-like development, and in every phase of this development new lessons need to be learned.

After a sussecful staet, the enterprise will have to grow and the company arrives in a new phase of growth (Scale-Up)
It than will be necessary that even the company's leaders will not cover all attention areas that are needed to be able to lead the orgsanisation. The organisation will need a 'complete, inspiring, stable and fully competent team of leaders'.
The profile database will help to identify the type of people that may be able to fill the gaps and to help the pioneers to form a complete team. This team can be coached to become an strong complete and effective team that will be able to grow the organisation.

An important objective for the ORIGINAL program is that it contributes the a real innovators network and ecosystem.
That is only possible if there are enough activities and opportunities for meeting the fellow innovators, for example:

  • Centers of Excellence, that follow the national and international developments and form a professional body of knowledge and that participate in dissimanating knowledge to the innovators community;
  • Composition of creative 'think-tanks', for searching for and implementing innovative solution for wicked problems;
  • Organizing network activities, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Eventually international exchange with our foreign colleagues.

The Zwolle region has the ambition to play a pioneering role in innovation and simulation innovators to create value.
A florishing innovators network and -ecosystem plays an important role in this. With the ORIGINAL program, we wil realise an innovators profile database, the base registration of this network.

Beneath a descrption of the activities.