THE original netw0rk

As indicated earlier, the ORIGINAL foudation is committed to establishing the innovatorsnetwork (-ecosystem):
Accomplishing the Innovators Profile Database, including the profiles of the participants of the ORIGINAL program, also called 'Originals'
Organizing network activities:
Organizing meetings and gatherings, Centers of Excellence and presentations
Entering into cooperative realationships that contribute to the emerge of an open super-regional (and international) innovators network

On the February 27th 2024 we will, sponsored by the Bluefinger Innovation Centre, launch the first ORIGINALS MEETING (OM), a meeting in which Startup and Scale-up pioneers share their experiences and ideas about their businesses and enterprises and where there are lots of possibilities to network with the other attendants in the meeting.
Participants in  the Originals Meetings are:
(1) Orginals, the participants in the ORIGINAL program,
(2) Friends of ORIGINAL,
(3) Invitees (introduces by an Original or by the Board),
(4) Guest speakers.


We expect that the ORIGINAL Foundation will be lauched about march/april 2024.
As long as the Foundation is not operational yet, the Bluefinger Innovation Centre is very busy with the setup of the ORIGINAL program (project O3: Opzet ORIGINAL Organisatie).
Therefore it is quite natural and practical to consider the building Melkmarkt 2 as the home of the ORIGINAL program and use it for the Originals Meetings (on the 3rd floor: the BIC Moose Club).

Rules of the Road for Originals Meetings

  1. All participants like it to attend the meetings and find them very useful for networking
  2. All participants are open for contacts with each other and with interested guests
  3. All participants respect each other and the other's interests
  4. The BIC Moose Club is a good place for, in a relaxed atmosphere, meet and talk
  5. One talks about this and that, but also deeper about interesting themes
  6. The BIC Moose Club is no arena for competition, political discussions or for polarisation
  7. The BIC Moose Club is a place where one decides to make appointments to meet again
  8. The BIC Moose Club is the home of the ORIGINAL program
  9. The program helps participants with their personal development
  10. The program helps the companies to grow and develop.

Your identity and your value in and for the network

An Originals Meeting is a network meeting, but not an ordinary one...
There are different types of network meetings where people like to be part of.
But many meetings of that kind are un-obliged and superficial. And the best that comes out of it is 'knowing each other'.

Originals Meetings are different:
First of all: the attendants are not anonymous bur visible !
Everyone is important. Also you, as a participant in the meeting, are of value in and for the Originals network.
The network consists of experienced and less experienced, even very early entrepreneurs that do not have developed many business contacts yet. Contacts they need for further developing their businesses.
Many participants are dependant of help (from each other and from interested others). Most of the participants need co-operation (with each other and with others). A possibllity of 'through-linking' after an interesting discussion is needed:
'who was this person I just talked to and how do I connect to him/her after this meeting.'
Therefore we will make it easier by centrally show a 'tableau' with all the participants: who he or she is ,and how you may connect to this person, to mail him/her and ask for a continued meeting.
Your ORIGINAL identity card on the 'tableau' will show who you are, what you do,
what themes interest you. Of couse you yourself are the owner of the data on the card. The people form the ORGINAL Office will help you update the information.