THE original PROGRAM and the ld-toolbox

Important objectives for the ORIGINAL program

  • Accelerated growth for all participants in the program (personality, leadership, entrepreneurship)
  • Support for the entrepreneurs in the composition of a strong, but also complete, management team, that not only has the competence of giving direction, but that also can build a well-functioning and growing organisation
  • The realisation of a functioning Innovators Ecosystem with network meeting, Centers of Excellence, and co-operation with networks on a regional, national and international level
  • The emerge of a common language for talent development and innovation.

Functions of the LD-Toolbox that makes it the right enabler for the ORIGINAL program

1.   Personal development in a synchronous development pace with the enterprises' development
2.   Insight in the personal development perspective for the individual participants
3.   Simulation module for acceleration of the personal development of participants
4.   Advanced Team Design for the composition of 'complete teams', as well with respect to
     'Belbin-complementarity' as with 'Scale-Up role-complementarity'
5.   Innovators profile database and the possibility to connect and create a fit with possible candidates for
      the omissions in the team
6.   Design of Natural Working Teams for searching for and realising innovative solutions

Personal Development in a synchronous pace with the enterprises' development

The LD-Toolbox is a modular tool with a number of development steps.
Especially for the ORIGINAL program we have designed even smaller development steps for the personal development, such that the individual can set his/her personal development steps in a synchronised pace with the development of his enterprise. The effect is a deeper learning experience, and it prevents an overflow of learning material that is not needed in the specific development phase.

The LD-Toolbox is an extensive system with seemingly inexhaustible possibilities, both for individual participants and for the teams and organisations that make use of it. 
But all these possibilities make it necessary to adopt the scheme to the absorption ability of participants. This is particularly necessary when it involves younger people at the beginning of entrepreneurial careers, when the person sets the first steps into entrepreneurship.
Especially for the people that are busy starting up their enterprise, we have developed a pathway for their personality development, that may be followed synchronously with the development of their experiences as an entrepreneur. 
Because of the stepwise possibility of the pathway, the entrepreneur my decide for him/herself when he/she has become ready for the next step.
After step 5, when growth is at stake to forming a Scale-Up organisation, the focus needs to be on team composition and organisational development.
Also for that purposes the LD-Toolbox has plenty of important offerings available.

The LD-Toolbox, originally created for this type of developments in the Capgemini organisation (today more than 350.000 consultants), and later on further developed into a unique and extensive toolset, moved two years ago, together with its designer and developer, to Zwolle.
Henk Bremer, the owner of the LDT has during the recent year co-operated with a number of important influencers in the Zwolle region, in defining the ORIGINAL program. 

The LDT meets, as an enabler, all the requirements of the ORIGINAL program.
The most import thing about the ORIGINAL concept is, though, that all parties in the Zwolle region that coach startups, Scale-Ups, or talented individuals in organisations and institutes need to participate in this program. The success of the ORIGINAL program is strongly dependant of reaching this co-operation.

Participating service suppliers in the ORIGINAL program

What should coaching service suppliers do in order to be able to participate in the ORIGINAL program?
All innovators, coaches, educators, HR and LD services specialists, are welcome to participate in the ORIGINAL program.
To be able to deliver reviews based on the LD-Toolbox reports they will need to attend a certification process.
The LD-Toolbox is a comprehensive instrument and multi-applicable toolset.
And in the certification process the LDT's possibilities will be taught.
Not only the services that will be used in the ORIGINAL program, which mainly is meant for innovators.