Which services can be delivered with the LD-Toolbox?

The LD-Toolbox is an enabler for many different types of services:

The developer of the LD-Toolbox, Henk Bremer, has during the period 2001-2007, in his role as Senior Vice-President Global Leadership Development for Capgemini, an organisation of 350.000 consultants, created this instrument, that has been used by thousands of leaders and professionals in more than 25 countries.
After his retirement he decided to continue with the development of the LDT with his company LDpe: Leadership Development processes and enablers B.V. 

One of the most eye-catching differences of this instrument versus others is, that it is a toolbox for the participant him/herself, and that it, with the help of personal development-scenarios, can activate an acceleration of the participant's personal development.

Very concrete, the participant will be able to recognize what to do to grow the own styles/roles portfolio by making small changes in the own preferred behaviour. How that will work he/she can see and analyse by him/herself step by step.
There is no other instrument in the world that disposes of such a simulation module.

Delivering services is about three components:
    1. The tools, models and algorithms used, the de enablers
    2. The process for delivering services: process or program
    3. The delivery by a professional consultant/reviewer, tutor/project-leader, service delivery.

The services

A summary of services that can be delivered, based on the enabler LD-Toolbox:

LDT based Career Coaching and Personal Leadership
Recruitment & Selection – Assessment with the candidate's development perspective
Team Assessment - The power of the team and its members
Team Effectiveness
  TE  I   with IM360 tool
  TE II   with You Model
  TE III with SBTA tool (Strategic Behavioural Traits Assessment)
  TE IV  als step-up to the MvI program
Fit-for-Roles & Quick-Wins for Organisational Effectiveness
Talent Spotting for ranking & ‘right person in the right place’
Advanced Team Design
Corporate Leadership Development
Mobilise for Innovation
ORIGINAL program

Personal Development Perspective

Beneath you will get a glimpse of some parts of a specific report, the candidate profile, including the effects that can be achieved.

The Simulation module

For each participant we compose, supported by an AI-application two development scenario's. A quick-wins scenario and a long turn scenario.
The effects of these scenarios is shown in all the reports.
And how the effects are calculated based on the changed behavioural preferences can be followed by the participant.
Below we show some examples.

Advanced Team Design