did you know?

In this heading, on the subpages, we tell you a number of things worth knowing about our restaurant, the BIC Moose Club, the buiding at Melkmarkt 2-4, about our mascot, Moose Philip, about Scandinavian culinary traditions, about the names of our drinks (and the Swedish history) and, last but not lead=st about the Bluefinger Innovation Centre, the organisation to which the BIC Moose Club belongs.

Our website is not the only source of information.
We designed our own menu-holder, in which we, besides salt and pepper, have put a bulletin board, with actual worth to know facts.
Fir instance, we earlier had bulletin boards about Midsummer, Moose Philip, Christmas and Santa Lucia, the ancient planks from our building and important information about dishes and snacks on our menu.