In the very heart of Zwolle, the old Hanseatic City, you will find the Bluefinger Innovation Centre (BIC).
An important part of the BIC nowadays is the 
BIC Moose Club, a noticeable Scandinavian Street food restaurant.
The Innovation Centre emphasizes the strong bond between the Netherlands and Sweden, two superpowers in the field of innovation.  The BIC focus is unique: the development of human innovation power.
Crucial for bringing about innovative ideas is the interaction between people, Our BIC Moose Club is the perfect place to network and discuss while having a drink and a snack.

Both in display, cosiness, friendly crew, food, snacks and drinks, we do the best we can to be innovative and rejuvenate.
We offer you, as our valued guest, a smell of Sweden and the remarkable traditional treats from Scandinavia.
On our terrace, opposite the ancient church and alongside the Big Market, you may relax and enjoy our delicate dishes, snack and drinks.

Välkommen till bords !

You can download the menu here below 

Worth a detour

Well no, the BIC Moose Club is not a Michelinstar restaurant.
But, it is certainly worth a detour!
Not only because of the unique ambiance and the delicious Scandinavian food.
But, for sure, also because of its hospitality and the strong bond with the Bluefinger Innovation Centre. 

Examples of snacks and dishes, a little lesson in culinary Swedish:
FIKA - the Swedish coffe break
VÅFFLOR - Swedish waffles
DAGENS SOPPA - soup of the day
PYTT I PANNA - husmanskost
PLANKSTEK  - steak/salmon
            on an ancient piece of wood
SKÅNK KALOPS - beef stew
LAXTALLRIK - smoked salmon
       snack platter cheese/meats
We also serve common and interesting drinks under which 7 kinds of tasty BIC MOOSE BEER
Smaklig måltid !