The Bluefinger Innovation Center (BIC), located in Zwolle since 2021, is a direct subsidiary of LDpe Netherlands, the operating company of Leadership Development processes and enablers BV. Various programs are implemented in the BIC, including, most important one, the ORIGINAL program, which is described later on this website.
This program, which aims to support the creation of an innovators network, organizes various types of meetings to this end.
Many of these meetings take place in the BIC Moose Club on the 3rd floor of the Melkmarkt 2 building (the BIC Mooese Club).
LDpe Nederland BV (the operating company) is the company that owns  the right to use the LD Toolbox, the instrument that supports the development of individual participants, the design and effectivization of teams and organizations, and where the innovators profile database is set up and to maintain. The certification of reviewers for the LDT-based development programs is done by LDpe Nederland BV.