In order to ensure and secure the future application and development of the LD-Toolbox and to offer all market parties the possibility of delivering coaching services with LD-Toolbox reports, Henk Bremer and his company LDpe will donate the LD-Toolbox to a foundation.
This foundation will represent all parties with an interest in the LDT:
-   the coached participants working with the LDT-reports; they are owners of
    the information in the reports;
-   the organisations to which they belong and that wish to compose well functioning and creative teams with the help of the
-   the certified reviewers that deliver services with the LDT-reports.
Every organisation that feels the need of it can certify a number of its employees for delivering services based om LDT-reports. In this way, this unique toolbox may develop to a de-facto standard for helping to accelerate the development of individual leaders, professionals, teams and organisations.

The Foundation Board represents the important users of the LD-Toolbox.

The Foundation Board cares for the continuity and further development of the LDT. 

The Board see to that the Foundation employs sufficient manpower and expertise, to be able to ensure the further maintenance and development of the toolbox. This includes all aspects: production of reports, files, security, maintenance and further development, registrations and authorisation and archiving according to norms, rules and legislation.

The Foundation Board sees to that the Foundation delivers educational and certification services.

And the Foundation Board provides transparent reporting about the foundation's activities.